“Overall impression regarding attending this CHRP is indeed a big passer in my new career in HR. Topics and additional information and reading materials give or provide ease for additional information and knowledge. More power and I am supporting the overall advocacy of CHRP and proud of being a part and member of it.”

Emily D. Deputo
HR-Manager, Dimension-all Inc.

“The program is very informative. It provides a more in-depth and modern approach to Human Resource Mgt. HR practitioners are recommended to join the program to upgrade and refresh the knowledge & skills needed in the performance of the practice.”

Rhana Barit
Asst. HR Manager, The Bellevue Manila

“The program is very effective for me to apply to my present company. I learned so much as additional knowledge and very informative.”

Geraldine Miralles
Compensation & Benefits Manager, Compensation & Benefits Manager

“CHRP opens me into another world of human resources, it gives you a wide understanding of what and how should an HR be. It is not just like an ordinary training program, CHRP program will let you realize that human resources is not just a career, it is a worthwhile responsibility.”

Mark John T. Morcilla
HR and General Affairs Manager, Multico Prime Power Inc.

“The CHRP is a very good learning activity for all HR practitioners to improve & enhance their skills in all facets of the Human Resource processes. I did learn a lot. Thank you very much.”

Sharon Dell B. Paras
Sr. Mgt. Associate, Landbank of the Philippines