Become a CHRP® Member

As a CHRP®­ Member, you can increase your value as an HR professional and demonstrate your competency to your clients and employers.

Globally Recognized Credential

The CHRP®­ designation provides you with the advantage to expand your network and increase your opportunities as a professional.

Learning Best Practice Skills

The CHRP®­ training programs offer cases and knowledge that will help you enhance your HR management competency.

Expanding Professional Network

The CHRP®­ designation allows you to access a network of like-minded HR professionals. The network enables you to build a relationship and collaboration with other professionals from different industries.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Institute of Human Resource Professional (IHRP) CPD aims to provide opportunities for CHRP®­ members to update their professional capabilities and ensure that their activities contribute to the development of their personal development as a whole.

The IHRP ensures compliance with CPD requirements by enabling CHRP®­ to track their training activities in the year after receiving the designation. The CHRP®­ members follow guidelines by declaring a number of hours completed per year as part of membership renewal.