CHRP® Membership

The Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP®) is a globally recognized designation for HR Professionals awarded by the International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM) based in the UK. Members of CHRP® are eligible to apply and be recognized for the following AHRI Institute:

  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong

As a member of IHRP, you will be awarded a recognized CHRP® member professional designation represented by a post-nominal to be used after your name. The CHRP® post-nominal makes you stand out from the crowd by demonstrating a commitment to your career, and the human resource profession.


  • Completed the CHRP® Certification Program offered by IHRP recognized providers
  • Passed the CHRP® examination
  • Equivalent knowledge, skills and experience in the human resource profession for a minimum of 3-year relevant working experience
  • Agree to follow the CHRP® Professional Code of Ethics